Trauma - like no other experience

It may seem that you shouldn't be afraid. You may be having a hard time getting along with others. You may be surprised by your reactions or think that you are going crazy. You may think you should be over it by now, but you're not. These are all normal reactions following a trauma.

Trauma can result from any number of situations. House fires, any crime or act of violence, sexual abuse, accidents, terminal illness, death, suicide, critical injury, tornados, floods, domestic violence, rape, physical abuse, and divorce are just a few examples of trauma.

You may be experiencing Post-Traumatic reactions if you are a surviving victim, witnessed a trauma, are related to the victim as a friend or relative, go to the same school, or have other friends in common. We sometimes even experience mild trauma reactions from the repeated media exposure of a traumatic situation.

If you have been traumatized, be patient and easy on yourself. Know that you are not alone. Talk to a trauma specialist. The right kind of trauma-specific intervention can quickly put you on the path to become a trauma survivor, and can often be completed in just a few sessions.