Offices located throughout Metro Detroit at community and church settings.

Pitsonehone: (248(771)) 827-8801
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For over 30 years, Archway Counseling has been providing confidential, compassionate counseling at church and community sites across metropolitan Detroit. Our distinguished roster of professionals are master's and doctoral level specialists experienced in dealing with all life - and death - issues in a spiritually respectful and empowering way. And because we forego fancy office trappings, we offer significantly lower fees. So now, the best treatment available is some of the most affordable around.

Please explore our website, get to know our staff, and learn about the professional services we provide. If you are wrestling with life's tough problems, or looking to refer someone who is, we firmly believe that you'll find what you're looking for at Archway Associates.
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Archway's professional counselors offer a diverse wealth of training and experience. Expertise in almost every area of concern is available, including: depression, anxiety & panic issues, post-traumatic stress, grief and loss, stress management, all forms and types of addiction and recovery, marital and relationship issues, sexual issues, family problems including post-divorce issues, and all forms of abuse (physical, emotional, psychological, and sexual).

In addition to these traditional services,  Archway counselors are also available to provide pre-marital counseling, organizational consulting, Employee Assistance Program services and coordination, and presentations or workshops on a variety of topics and issues.

Though Archway offers a broad spectrum of professional services, it may not always be the case that we can provide the specific services that you need. In such cases, our counselors stand ready to assist you through a careful assessement of your situation, and appropriate referrals to other professionals or organizations.

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Finding competent, professional help in times of distress may seem like an overwhelming task. At Archway, we want to help you find more than just the services you need, but also a counselor that is well-suited to work with you as the unique individual that you are. To help you get started, we have developed a couple of brief guides: What is Counseling?  &  How to Choose a Therapist.

If you would like to begin by reviewing the qualifications and specialties of Archway counselors, you can find that information here. Alternatively, you might want to begin by browsing our list of counseling sites. If you identify an Archway counselor that you would like to talk to, please feel free to contact them via the Email address or phone number provided.

If you would like someone from Archway to contact you to answer questions or to provide further guidance or information, please call us at (248) 827-8801, or send us a confidential message using our contact form.